Tuesday, October 13, 2015

100 years ago today

One hundred years ago today the words 'Anzac Day' were used for the first time. For the year 1915 South Australia's Eight Hour Day Celebrations were renamed 'Anzac Day'. The name had been suggested by a Prospect draper, Robert Wheeler. All money raised was donated to the Wounded Soldiers Fund. The word 'Anzac' was only just starting to be commonly used.

The day began with a procession that included injured veterans back home from Egypt and Gallipoli and 5000 new AIF recruits. But as the main goal was to raise funds and attract a large crowd there were also a lot of entertaining activities at Adelaide Oval after the procession. Up to 20,000 people attended those activities at the oval.

Although this is not the ANZAC Day we know today it did have a number of elements that are still a part of our current commemoration. 

"ANZAC Day is a binary of death and sacrifice, and a celebration of life and survival"
Dr. Janice Pavils.

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